Copper (Standing Seam) Roof System

Copper (Standing Seam) Roof System

A great way to dress up your roof.

Copper (Standing Seam)

Copper roofs have the benefits of a standing seam metal roof, but with incredible curb appeal. Copper panels are installed unfinished and unpainted, so they can develop their beautiful green patina.

Copper can be used on all or part of the roof, say, a prominent window or dormer. It doesn’t crack, rust, or corrode, and it can withstand snow, fire, and winds.

What You Need to Know About Copper Roof Systems

  • Can last 60+ years

  • Very lightweight, making it easier to install.

  • One of the most beautiful roofs you can install.

  • Return on investment averages 85.9%, according to Modernize
  • Copper is a green building material, being 75% recycled.

  • Expensive

  • Over time, it will need cleaning to maintain its original shine.

  • It can be be hard to find a roofer experienced with copper installations

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