Choosing the Right Roofing Material For Your Home

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Although choosing a roofing material based on your desired aesthetics is tempting, your decision must balance several other factors: your budget, the local climate, and your house’s overall structural integrity. Overlooking these considerations may lead to expensive repairs, cumbersome maintenance, or roof replacement. However, homeowners can receive an expert opinion on what’s best for their house by turning to Roofsimple, a local roofer in Fort Valley, VA

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Below, we discuss the pros and cons of popular roofing materials: 

Asphalt and Composite Shingles 

Most American homes have composite or asphalt shingles because of the material’s durability (lifespan of 15-30 years), affordability, and versatility in style and color. Moreover, asphalt shingles work well in moderate climates and require little maintenance. Yet despite their popularity and affordability, shingles are not the best option for every homeowner. 

Asphalt and composite shingles adhere less effectively to steep-pitched roofs than metal or slate materials. Additionally, asphalt shingles become brittle in high heat and crack in below-freezing temperatures. If your area experiences drastic weather shifts, consider a roofing material made for extreme temperatures. 


A metal roof system is an excellent way to “dress up” your home’s exterior. Lightweight and exquisite, metal roofs are perfect for modern homeowners. Furthermore, energy-conscious individuals will like that metal roofing can reduce energy usage during the summer, when the material’s surface deflects the sun’s rays. 

However, homeowners must maintain metal roofing, which may require inspections for rust and frequently clearing debris. Also, some metal roofs make noise during hail or rain storms. Finally, a qualified residential roofer must handle the installation to avoid warping or ripples in the material. 



Slate roofing is among the most durable materials available on the market. Made of natural stone, these tiles do not get damaged easily. Homeowners seeking minimal maintenance and a unique look will enjoy both with slate. Indeed, slate roofs can increase your home’s resale value due to their long lifespan.

That said, homeowners will need to discuss the viability of a slate roof with their contractor before installation. This material is bulky and requires a sturdy structure to hold it. Additionally, slate tends to crack if installed improperly. 

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