Common Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Failing

Common warning signs that your roof is failing. These are good indicators to let you know when it's time to replace your roof.

Even if your roof is getting old or showing signs of deterioration, how can you confirm it needs replacement rather than repair? Keep an eye out for a few tell-tale warning signs, including missing shingles, water damage, and increased energy bills. If you’ve spotted one or more of these indicators, employ a residential roof repair service for inspection and support.

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Below, we discuss the common indicators that your roof needs replacement:

Damaged Shingles & Dark Spots

Damaged shingles—whether they’re curling, cracking, or blistering—tend to signal a roof in need of replacement. Blistering, for instance, can result from exposure to high humidity or moisture levels due to a deficient roof ventilation system.

Meanwhile, dark or dirty spots on your shingles may come from moss or algae growth and requires immediate attention. Shingles can also lose their granules, or sandpaper-like grain, over time due to weathering. Nevertheless, this degradation decreases their effectiveness. Even if you don’t see any dark patches, check for stray granules in your gutters.

Missing or Loose Shingles, Flashing, & Nailheads

Since missing or loose shingles can result from storm damage, you can have them replaced locally. However, missing shingles can also arise due to aging. Roofing without shingles offers little protection for your home. The same goes for absent and damaged flashing, that is, the material placed at intersections of a roof and adjacent, protruding objects like chimneys.

Misplaced shingles or flashing can render your roof susceptible to major water leaks. Additionally, loose or exposed nailheads could serve as entry points for outside moisture.

Water Damage & Roof Sagging

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When we discuss roofing with clients, we find that waterproofing often comes up. As we tell them: water damage inside your house or attic often signals a defective roof. Have an expert check your roof for inadequate shingle or flashing placements or determine areas that lack ventilation. Avoid water damage at all costs, as it can soak interior walls, ceilings, and structures while creating mold and mildew growth.