How to Get Insurance to Cover Your Roof Replacement

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Repairing or replacing your roof requires significant consideration and care, especially if you file a claim with your insurance provider. Failing to persuade the insurance company to cover your roof replacement could risk the building’s structural integrity. Moreover, a faulty roof puts the assets inside the building in harm’s way. Therefore, residential and commercial property owners must support roof insurance claims with evidence to warrant a total replacement. 

Roofsimple provides roof repair and replacement services as well as guidance for managing roof insurance claims. We know that insurance can be a real hassle. Yet Winchester, VA, residents can rest assured they’ll build the best case possible with the support of our customer-centered approach. To learn more about our roofing services, call (540) 692-3808 today.

Below, we distinguish between roofing repairs and replacements and then discuss strategies to get insurance to cover your roof replacement:

The Difference Between Roof Repair and Replacement

Filing a repair claim is appropriate when a small section of your roofing sustains damage. For example, a tree limb hitting your roof and leaving a hole would only require a repair rather than a complete replacement. By contrast, filing an insurance claim for a roofing replacement is for incidents involving multiple sections or extensive square footage of the roof. 

Note that some insurance carriers may try to downgrade roof replacement claims to repair costs. Such things occur when, for instance, hailstorms strike and leave asphalt and metal roofing systems dinged and dented. An adjuster may only approve repairs if they see no more than minor leaks. If no immediate leaks appear, roof insurance claims are often deemed cosmetic damage and denied.

Yet adjusters cannot always recognize the signs of deep-rooted damage, and a downgraded claim or outright denial may lead to your roof leaking over time. Water seeping through cracks can cause beams to rot and mold to grow. So, ask for an inspection from a roofing service and work with them to file a roof insurance claim that gets approved.

How to File Roof Insurance Claims


If you read the fine print of your roofing policy, you’ll see that not every type of roof damage is covered. Indeed, even wind insurance coverage may require an additional rider. Property owners must pull out their policies and determine whether their roof damage is covered. 

If your policy covers the incident, your next steps should proceed as follows:

  1. Contact Your Insurance CarrierCall your insurance company and let them know you may be filing a roof insurance claim. Be wary of any quick settlement offers during that first call, as their initial amount may be a significant underpayment. Let them know what happened, then circle back with complete documentation when ready to formally file your claim.
  2. Document Your Roof DamagePhotograph your roof’s damage as soon as you safely can. Start from the ground, capturing wide-angle shots to get the full extent of the damage. Then, move closer to get clear images of areas impacted by severe weather, tree limbs, or falling debris. 

If you can climb a ladder, have someone foot it on the ground while you take pictures. Use the zoom feature to highlight the extent of the roof damage. Ensure you document attic damage as well.You can also type out the events that led up to the leaking and damaged roof. Add fact-based information, such as a weather report, to support the claim. Provide details about where the roof leaks and its effects on the building and its contents.

  1. Invest in a Professional Roof InspectionAlthough insurance may call hailstone strikes cosmetic damage, a roofing expert can determine whether leaks will occur and cause unnecessary structural damage. The inspection report you receive will articulate the damage’s extent for your insurance company. 

A professional may also recommend immediate solutions and a roof replacement quote. Such a professional assessment of the damage effectively secures the high ground for property owners.

Tackle Roof Insurance Claims Like A Pro in Winchester, VA!

Enlisting the support of an experienced roofing company like Roofsimple ranks among the best ways to get a roof insurance claim approved. We are a roofing company that puts our Winchester, VA, homeowners at the forefront of everything we do, from roof repairs and replacements to handling roof insurance claims. To speak with a roofing professional today, call (540) 692-3808.