How to Prepare for a Home Roof Replacement

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Between debris falling loose and wall-shaking hammering, professional roof replacements can be disruptive for homeowners and their families. Moreover, these renovations may threaten your health and property if you have not completed preparations. So, minimize the disturbance of roofing replacement by protecting your belongings, anticipating the cleanup, and considering pets and children.

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Below, we discuss strategies that prepare your home for roof construction:

Protect Belongings 

The removal of old roofing materials often results in debris falling loose. Unprepared homeowners may suffer damage to personal property (like cars and landscaping equipment) and end up contending with an increased roof replacement cost.  So, clear belongings from dangerous areas such as: 

  • Driveways
  • Attics 
  • Patios

Although falling debris is unlikely to break windows, it can scratch them. Protect your windows by covering them with a tarp or wooden board. The best roofing contractors will offer such preparations, but homeowners can also be proactive.

In addition to the danger of falling debris, powerful roofing tools can shake the walls of your home and displace hanging items. Consider taking down wall decor that is not firmly secured for the duration of your roofing project. 

Prepare for an Easy Cleanup

Dust and material debris accumulate during roofing replacements, often creating a lengthy cleanup process. Yet, homeowners can anticipate this problem and take steps to combat it. For example, attics are especially susceptible to messes from roof projects. So, lay a tarp across your attic’s floor that you can roll up and shake off outside when your project is complete. 

As you prepare your home’s interior spaces, do the same for the exterior. Tall grass and overgrown vegetation make debris in your yard difficult to locate and clean, so groom your yard before your roofing project begins.

Consider Children and Pets


Finally, take measures to ensure the safety of your pets and children. Before your roof replacement begins, explain to children which areas are off-limits or relocate them to a safer environment (such as a loved one’s house) for the project’s duration. Moreover, keep pets secure in a quiet room to discourage dangerous wandering and minimize construction-related stress. 

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