Tips for Finding and Hiring a Local Roofing Contractor

Whether you need roofing repair or replacement, follow a careful process to find and hire a contractor.

Whether you need roofing repair or replacement, follow a careful process to find and hire a contractor. Its steps include searching for referrals, determining candidates’ legitimacy, gathering quotes, comparing contractors, and signing a contract. Observing these steps allows you to narrow down your local roofing company options and hire the best one for you.

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Below, we provide some advice for finding and hiring a local roofing company:

Search for Positive Referrals, Ratings, and Reviews

To begin, research roofing contractor candidates online. Start by looking up local providers and checking their ratings and reviews. Look up these service providers’ websites and see if they include any testimonials from former clients and photos of their previous work. You can also speak with family members, friends, or acquaintances who had a relatively recent roofing project.

Ensure Contractors are Legitimate, Licensed, and Insured

Once you’ve identified some potential contractors, establish their legitimacy. Doing so involves verifying whether they have proper licensing and insurance.

You can look up a company’s license through the National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA). Additionally, call your local city building department to verify that the contractor holds a license in your region. A contractor’s provided name, address, or phone number should match the information listed on NRCA’s website. If any of it does not, check the provider in your Chamber of Commerce database and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Get Inspections and Quotes

With their legitimacy established, ask your candidate contractors for a roof inspection. Each contractor should visit your home to do so. While there, discuss materials, the extent of work necessary, and a quote.

Take note of their working demeanor as well as their communicativeness with you. After all, the best teams are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional, and focused on getting the job done right. Feel free to ask plenty of questions and participate in the decision-making process. Seek a list of references and check them out.

Compare Your Chosen Roofing Contractors

After inspections and quotes, compare your potential roofing contractors. In addition to their variations in costs and timelines, consider their project quality and process differences. For example, how did they act on-site? What is their execution plan? What materials did they suggest? Did they offer a warranty on their labor and roofing materials?

An unknowledgeable, impatient, or dismissive contractor should raise red flags. You’ll probably recognize such doubts as a gut feeling about how comfortable each contractor makes you feel (without disregarding other factors, of course).

Get it in Writing

Finally, get a written and detailed quote from each roofer. Doing so helps you to avoid misunderstandings or unexpected changes to your project. These quotes should specify the project’s installation methods, cost breakdown, the scope of work, and schedule for completion.

Also, make sure it covers safety procedures, insurance, and liability, including workers’ compensation. When you choose a contractor, request a lien waiver to shield yourself from potential claims if the roofer fails to pay a vendor for materials.

The Bottom Line

The old saying “you get what you pay for” holds when it comes to hiring a roofer. The cheapest roofing company probably isn’t going to be the best one, as low-quality contractors use low costs to lure in customers. Instead, find a provider who offers outstanding work at a fair price. Select one whose abilities and customer service give you peace of mind.

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