Roofers in Middletown, VA

Roofers in Middletown, Virginia

Roofsimple provides high quality, customer focused roof replacement services with a dedicated customer service person onsite during the project.

We are proud to be serving the Middletown community as certified professional roofers. Middletown is a town in Warren County, Virginia, near the convergence of I-81 and I-66. This Shenandoah community is home to over 1500 residents.


Middletown was first chartered in the eighteenth century and was originally known as “Senseney Town”. The area fell within the borders of the 17th century Fairfax Grant.

Middletown was also the site of numerous historic battles in the American Civil War. The most notable of these battles was the Battle of Cedar Creek. The area where this battle was fought is now protected as federal land and it is part of the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park.

The Middletown area provides access to several destinations of interest like the Ogdens Cave Natural Area Preserve, as well as Lake Frederick. Both of these attractions are perfect for anyone who loves to spend time in nature and enjoys going on outdoor adventures.

Middletown is a charming community to call home with a myriad of local shops and restaurants to keep you busy. Hiring a roofer in Middletown VA will ensure that your residence is up to code and your standard of living. Your home should be a priority, so our team at Roofsimple wants you to have access to the most trusted local roofing company in Middletown VA.

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Middletown’s Most Trusted Roofers

We love serving the Middletown community as the most professional and customer-focused roofers in the area. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and our community. Our highest priority as roofers is understanding our customers’ unique situations and helping them find the right solution for their problems with affordability in mind. We have a dedicated team of customer support representatives whose sole responsibility is to support our customers in their roofing endeavors.

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Roofing Services From Roofsimple:

Roof Replacements in Middletown VA

Do you see any leaks or buckling in your roof? If you do, it might be time for a replacement. It’s important to call a certified professional roofer in Middletown VA to ensure the work is done properly and all repairs have been completed to code. Find out more about our roof replacements in Middletown, VA.

Roof Repairs in Middletown VA

When it comes to your Middletown home, you want a team of professionals for the job. You can count on our expert roofers who offer affordable repairs and will diagnose any problem that arises in no time! Learn more about our roof repairs in Middletown VA.

Insurance Claims in Middletown VA

One of the best ways to protect your home and belongings is to take out insurance on your roof. The roof on your house should be inspected and maintained regularly and any damage should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you ever need to file a claim against your policy, we’ll walk you through your real choices for filing and dealing with the claim. Our team of expert roofers is happy to help! Learn more about our insurance claims in Middletown VA.

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  • Personal attention on your job site - your dedicated Jobsite Support person there for you on your job from beginning to end.

  • Eagerness to make things right if they ever go wrong.

  • Helpful friendly people every step of the way.

  • No hidden costs or fees.

“People who spend 30 minutes or more educating themselves on the different types of roofing companies, roof materials, and roof warranties are 90% more likely to get a great deal, have less stress and anxiety, and be happy with their roof.”

—Mark McShurley, Roofsimple

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