The Benefits of Residential Roof Inspections

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Like all components of a house, roofing plays a critical yet particular role. Specifically, it insulates the interior (since hot air rises) and protects the underlying structure from water and damage. Therefore, you must know when to seek residential roof repair services. Roofing inspections can help you stay on top of such concerns while protecting your property’s value, increasing indoor comfort, and more.

Roofsimple offers such options to Mt. Jackson, VA, residents. We believe professional-grade services should be available and affordable to the average homeowner, and we seek to deliver them daily. Customers rave about our roofing services, noting our team’s professionalism and high-quality craftsmanship. Learn more about our residential roof repair company by calling (540) 692-3808!

Below, we outline the benefits of our roofing inspections:

Detect Roof Damage


Of course, the most straightforward benefit of roofing inspections is their capability for discovering and pinpointing damages. A poorly built or worn-out roof can create many problems, especially moisture intrusion. Moisture can damage structural elements and belongings, encourage mold growth, and create unhealthy living conditions. Furthermore, a damaged roof offers less insulative protection than a sound one.

Nevertheless, professional roofers have the training and experience to spot even minor damages. They can locate and correct structural failings before those damages worsen, saving you money in the long run. Plus, if you’ve noticed water stains inside your home from a roof leak, a professional can pinpoint that leak’s source.

Protect Property Value

Many homeowners take roofing for granted and neglect inspections until a problem arises. Yet by doing so, they gamble with their property’s long-term value. They may also end up paying expensive repair and replacement costs rather than nominal inspection fees. Regular inspections help avoid such problems while extending your roof’s life span.

Streamlines Insurance Claims

Heavy storms with high winds can cause debris to collide with your home, leaving obvious damages that demand repair. Yet those same storms can also create less apparent but more insidious damages, such as cracks and fissures that allow moisture to penetrate. Either way, schedule a professional inspection soon after the storm to help with insurance claims.

Before your insurance company pays for roofing repairs, they expect you to file a claim. Your roof inspector can help by identifying all damages, writing a detailed report, and submitting a cost estimate. Additionally, the word of a professional carries weight with insurance providers, improving your chances for approval.

Roof Replacement Preparedness

Roofing materials (like all construction materials) require replacement eventually. While inspections can improve roofing’s durability, they can’t prevent the need for replacement. That said, inspections can help you prepare for a roof replacement—professionals can estimate when you’ll need one and schedule it in advance.

Increases Safety and Comfort

Regular roofing inspections grant you peace of mind. Non-professionals may injure themselves in trying to conduct inspections themselves, but pros have the training and equipment to avoid such problems. Furthermore, knowing that a professional has found your roof in good working order gives you one less thing to worry about.

Professional inspections can also keep your roof protected under warranty. There are three types of roof warranties: manufacturers’, installation and contractor’s, and extended manufacturers’ coverage. Speak to your roofing professional to see which options will apply with routine inspections.

Residential Roof Repair Mt. Jackson, VA

Take no risks or gambles with your home’s roofing. Hire professionals for annual inspections, and enlist their help if you need residential roof repairs. Roofsimple provides these services to Mt. Jackson, VA, homeowners. We believe in delivering high-quality results alongside exceptional customer service. Call (540) 692-3808 to speak with a roofing professional today!