4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Company for Your Roof Repair

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Tool-handy homeowners often believe they can handle “minor” roof repairs rather than hiring a professional, saving themselves some money. While do-it-yourselfers may possess the tools and know-how to fix fences or install a new kitchen floor, they lack the safety equipment and niche expertise contractors have. Therefore, DIYers—and non-handy homeowners—will benefit from professional roof repair services.

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Below, we highlight 4 reasons to hire a professional for your roof repair:

1. Combating Water Damage

The frontline defense against water penetration and damage, your roof protects the structural integrity of your home (along with the gutter system that directs precipitation away). Therefore, property owners who decide against hiring an experienced roof repair service face several hazards:

  • Rotted Beams 

When moisture seeps through shingles, flashing, or caulking, it seeps into rafters and load-bearing beams. House occupants may overlook small trickles accumulating in the attic until the roof begins to sag. When this occurs, a minor roof repair morphs into a major house renovation—even a new roof.

  • Health Hazards 

One of the most significant hazards created by moisture infiltration is mold growth. Common molds require moderate temperatures and moisture to appear and spread, both of which are present in attics with leaky roofs. Therefore, professional roofing repairs combat mold and the hazardous conditions it creates.

  • Fire 

Although it may sound counterintuitive, a leaking roof presents a fire hazard. Any electrical lines running through an attic can spark once it becomes damp and their protective layers fray. Thus, a professional contractor ensures a safe roof repair that won’t spark fires.

2. Prioritizing Safety

Certified roof repair companies follow industry-standard safety procedures, including those organized as OSHA regulations, to protect their employers. Moreover, they must carry Workers’ Compensation to protect injured employees.

Yet DIYers have no such regulations or support in place. Therefore, such a job can put you or your family at risk—hire a roof repair company to protect your home and loved ones.

3. Warranty Protection


When you hire an established roof repair company to fix a leaking roof, replace aging flashing, or secure areas around chimneys, two types of warranties come into play. The first is the materials warranty offered by the manufacturer. DIYers who buy materials from a home supplies store usually do not receive warranty coverage because manufacturers require professional installation to qualify for it.

The second warranty is the roof repair company’s. High-quality service providers guarantee their work for a specified time frame and will correct any leaks or damage that arise within that frame. However, the DIYer who installs materials incorrectly must pay out of pocket a second time to correct the problem.

Unqualified roofing companies lack proper licensing, insurance, and warranty coverage. They may offer low prices for repairs or installations, but that comes at the expense of professionalism. Choose wisely when selecting a local roofing repair contractor.

4. Acquire Peace of Mind

Finally, taking care of your roof and avoiding risks contribute to peace of mind. You can achieve this outcome by hiring a reliable roofing contractor with hands-on experience. Rely on the best possible roof repair services to protect your most critical investment—your home!

Enjoy the Benefits of A Professional Roof Repair Company in Middletown, VA

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